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Baked Turmeric Tilapia
With a lemon Parmesan Spinach Corn Rice

Cooking Time 15 minutes


500 kcal


1 Person


From the test group:

Tilapia is one of the flakiest and most tender white fish in the world, and it’s noble too; you can infuse it with flavor and aromatics, in this case with earthy turmeric for a flavorful and colorful dish. A side of comforting Parmesan and spinach corn rice makes this 30-minute light meal a beautiful combination of colors, textures and flavor.


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Step 1 – Bake Your fish
Preheat Oven to 180 degree Celsius. place the fillet with 1 tablespoonful (TBSP) olive oil on an oven tray (with Aluminium foil or baking sheet base on the oven tray). Bake for (7) Minutes or until fully cooked (white meat inside).
Step 2 – Get things ready
Remove the fillet from the oven, drizzle with lemon immediately after baking, and then keep warm.
Step 3 – Add some vitamins
In a small pan, heat Olive oil over low heat. Add the chopped vegetables and cook them for few second with occasional stirring until vegetables start to colour. Add salt and pepper if desired.
Step 4 -Cook your rice
To the same small pan, add the rice and keep stirring for few seconds.
Step 5- Serve your Dish
On a serving plate, transfer the rice and top it with lemon and Parmesan cheese with fillet on the side. Enjoy!!


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