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Cheese & Onion Beef Burgers
with Baked Potato Wedges


Cooking Time 15 minutes


550 kcal


1 Person



From the test group:

Treat yourself to a beef burger served with caramelized onions and lots of cheese on an artisan bun. Served with baked potato wedges, this is fast food done right.


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Step 1- Gear Up

Heat your oven at 180 degree Celsius.

Form (2) burger patty with the minced meat.

Cut your burger bun into half.

Slice the tomatoes (2 slices).

Step 2- Bake the Potatoes

on an oven tray (with Aluminium foil or baking sheet base on the oven tray), add the potatoes with )1( teaspoonful (tsp) corn oil and bake for (15) minutes or until fully cooked and potatoes become tender.

Step 3- Grill the Burger

On a fry pan over medium heat, add (1) teaspoonful (tsp) corn oil, and grill the burger for (2) minutes on each side or until fully cooked. Remove and keep warm.

Step 4- Toast the Bun

On the same pan,  toast your bun until golden brown colour.

Step 5- Make your Sandwich

Spread the sauce inside the burger bun, then add a tomato slice then a burger patty then cheese. Add another layer of the same ingredients (2 layers).

Step 6- Serve your Dish

Serve the burger sandwich with the baked potato wedges and Enjoy this clean fast food.


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