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frutti di mare rose lasagne
with Summer Season Salad


Cooking Time 30 minutes


399 kcal


1 Person



From the test group:

Frutti di mare rose lasagna is a super creamy and original take on the original Italian Lasagna! It is a refined and tasty dish suitable for special occasions and perfect for summer, since the freshness of the seafood and their juicy pulp will give the perfect boost to the pasta, already seasoned to be soft and saucy. The summer vibes are completed with a season salad to add more juiciness to the whole dish!


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As low as EGP 85 per meal



Step 1- Gear Up

Preheat the oven to 180 degrees Celsius.

Chop the garlic

Step 2- Cook the Seafood

On a fry pan over medium heat add olive oil, garlic then add the seafood mix and stir until seafood is cooked (colourful and tender)

Step 3- Sauce it Up

To the same pan, add the sauce, salt and pepper and keep cooking until sauce is thick.

Step 4- Stack the Lasagne

In a deep oven tray, add a layer of the seafood mix on the bottom of the oven tray then add a lasagne sheet (1) piece. Repeat 4 times until the lasagne sheet on the top of the tray then top it with a last layer of seafood mix. Spared the cheese on top.

Step 5- Bake the Lasagne

Cover the oven tray with aluminium foil and bake for (10 minutes). Remove the aluminium foil and keep baking for (10) more minutes or until golden color.

Step 6- Prepare the Salad

In a bowl mix the salad with the dressing.

Step 7- Serve your Dish

Serve the lasagne with salad on the side. Enjoy!!


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