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Thai Chicken Meatballs
with Peanut Sauce And White Rice

Cooking Time 15 minutes


460 kcal


1 Person


From the test group:

If you haven’t tried chicken meatballs before, expect fork-tender, flavorful and juicy two-biters that show their best when swimming in a Thai-inspired peanut sauce comprising ginger, garlic, chopped red onions and green beans. The decadent sesame oil and the freshness of lemon juice balance this gorgeous dish for a tropical meal that will take you to Thailand and back in every bite.


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Step 1- Gear Up
Form medium sized balls (4 to 5) of the mined Chicken.
Step 2- Cook your Chicken
On a large frying pan over hight heat, add (1) tablespoon (TBSP) of the corn oil, whole garlic, then add the Chicken balls and stir until browned in about (2) minutes or until cooked. Add The sauce to the same pan and boil for (1) minute, then turn to Slow Heat and keep cooking for (1) minute.
Step 3- Add some Flavours
To the same pan, add the chopped green coriander add salt and pepper if desired. Keep warm
Step 4- Cook the Rice
On a new pan, add the rice and cook it for (1) minute over a medium heat.
Step 5- Serve your Dish
To a serving bowl, add the rice and the Chicken balls with the sauce on the top. Garnish with the peanut seeds on the top of your dish. Enjoy!!


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